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Reasons to use green hosting

Eco solidarity

What is Green Hosting?

What we mean by green hosting is that your website is hosted on a server powered by renewable energy. However the term green hosting can also be applied to buying carbon credits or paying someone to plant trees and while these are good ideas, we prefer to do the most good directly.

Wind Turbines

Renewable Energy

Solar PV, hydro, wind are used, also geothermal but only when it's based in a country like Iceland with a huge resource of geothermal energy. We do not consider nuclear energy to be renewable, nor do we consider energy from incineration to be renewable or sustainable.

eco birds

Hosting Packages

We offer a variety of green hosting packages, pick the one that suits you best and make it yours. Alternatively you can get in touch, let us know a little about your website's needs and we can customise something for you.

We thoroughly research both the data centers that we use and the companies that run them

Hosting Packages

Our fully managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are DDOS Protected and will be set up for your needs. Using two levels of DDOS protection both the server and your website are protected. VPS is the best choice for busy sites as a VPS has all of it's resources dedicated to your site.

For instance, if you have a blog, we specifically set up the server for WordPress with speed and security being the main concerns. And if you sell on-line we will set up your shop with a SSL certificate as well as the required software.

All this setup is done with no extra charge

If you are just starting out, or your website is not very busy, then choose one of our shared packages. We will help you to set up your site with no extra or hidden charges. Shared hosting, commonly used for blogs or smaller websites, is when you share the resources of the server with some of our other customers, if your site becomes busier you can make the switch to a VPS when needed.

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